For the last 20 years, I’ve designed, developed, and marketed products in various industries. I love everything about the process of discovering struggles and building innovative solutions to help people make progress.

In my quest to become a better human for me, my family, and society and live a happy and fulfilling life, I’ve become obsessed with cognitive optimization and longevity. I’m on a constant quest to figure out how to live better (physically and mentally) and optimize that for longevity.

On my blog (and through my newsletter), I share what I’m learning, frequently synthesized with personal experiences and empirical data. In my newsletter, I also share what I’m currently reading, thinking about, and what products I’m using/enjoying.

People who had a great influence on my thinking

Business/Product/Strategy: Bob Moesta, Clayton Christensen, and Jason Fried.

Design: Christopher Alexander, Don Norman, and Ryan Singer,

Software Design and Development: Eric Evans, David Heinemeier Hansson, Rich Hickey, Alan Kay, Bob Lyons, Gerald Sussman, and Larry Wall.