Feb 11

Merge sort in lisp

I’m currently taking (online) MIT’s algorithms course. I needed a good brush-up on algorithms, starting with the basic theory. I’m going to jump in to help a buddy working on a graph database in lisp Vivace Graph, which should be an open source competitor to AllegroGraph. Allegro has probably the best graph db out there right now. There are some competitors in the java world, but they are either expensive or don’t provide enough features, or don’t provide APIs outside of java. Allegro has an extensive list of client libs. I’ll write up more on the graph db in some future, for now, I got back into lisp and implemented the simplest alg (merge sort) in it.

The reason I’m posting is to get some comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how a lisp nOOb can improve this 🙂

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