March, 2010

Mar 10

New look and feel

So I finally bit the bullet and updated the look and feel of the blog. I must say, it was a big royal PITA. I use typepad, and although it served me rather well over the last few years, the template availability and the ability to easily utilize these custom templates is a big downside. Typepad makes available quite a few templates, but they all look like web -1.0 design. They do provide custom advanced templating, but that basically means you have to do it all yourself. You have to create and/or get a template and then customize it by augmenting it with typepad tags, etc… At the end of the day, you basically utilize their API to build a blog. I’m sure some folks don’t mind, but I really don’t want to waste days on doing this. Actually, I’d rather not spend more that 30 minutes on any of this. This is what took me so long to update. I also contemplated moving over to wordpress, which has thousands of attractive templates out of the box and available all over the web free and premium. The only thing that stopped me is the ability be able to import my current blog entries. My understanding is that it’s not that straightforward and rather time consuming, especially if you want to keep the same URLs.

So about 2 days later, I have something that looks quite a bit more decent than before.

Hopefully this will hold off until I can eventually have the time to move to wordpress.